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The Genealogy is a hobby in our family for generations. My great-great-grandfather started it, but with unfortunately very bad motives (keyword Aryan-proof). My grand-grandmother goes on researching then. She did it but for more noble motives, but even with a little self-interest, of course. Baum This part of my family has the family name Luther. She tried to proof, that our family directly descended from Martin Luther or at least from a blood relative of Martin Luther.
This proof does not work until today, even if my grandoncle does not give up to research in this direction until today. It is proofed that there are no living descendants of Martin Luther who have already the name Luther [Lodder] but this must be no evidence... ;)
Somewhere in the past my mother takes the documents of her grandmother an goes on with the genalogy of our family. This was also in a time when the genalogy must be done over official departments and stories from older family members.

Then the time comes when me gets old enough to be interessted in this topic. I found the documents, church records and family trees roles copies in a drawer in the corridor of my parents house.I pleased my mother, that I can use this documents to go on with the research and she allowed it to me if I be careful with this documents. So I got a family tree with ca. 250 persons.

So I came to my first experiences as a genealogist. example At the start I searched for a good software to create my family tree. I tried a lot of programs but no one had all functions I needed. At the end I used the "Personal Ancestral File", because this software has the most of the functions I wanted to have. Because I'm a software developer I started to create my own software but because of having not enough time for this it is not finished until today.

Because I can use the internet now for searching I got a proverbial "explosion of ancestors". After I found a way through the masses of data I got through the internet I only have to hold my hands open an all needed family trees are coming to myself on their own, at least for a while. Then I reached the amount of 5000 ancestors and the rich sources and ancestral branches were exhausted.

Now I started with writing emails and letters to living family members to get information from them. With this information and some additional little search results from internet I reached my actual status with little over 6500 persons.

I think genealogists should work together much mor closer. This can sometimes reveal affinities noone knows before. Some time ago a female genealogist wrote me an email. She was searching for the name "Zinkernagel" and gives me the name of her grand-grandmother. I also be related to the family of Zin[c]kernagel and all people all over the world with this name or a derivative of it are descended from the Forefather Nikolaus Zinckernagel (*1540). Because of that I was able to create directly a family relation between of her and me. We are cousins in the 8. grade.

Now I wish you much fun to search your ancastors over my family tree. I offer you here an online tree with all 6500 persons I found until now.
Additionally I have uploaded a tree on Rootsweb. This tree contains over 142000 persons, but this tree has a lot of gaps and is not entirely conclusive.
If you want, you can have a look on my (or maybe yours, too?) tree o a complete view, can do this on the "all-in-one-tree" as PDF.
Additionally you can download my Gedcom-File for free.

If you have your own homepage, please enter it in my Toplist. I have created this Toplist for genealogists. I only please you to set a backlink on your page, if you enter your page in my toplist.

Now there is enough text written down. Fell free to use my page and please give me a feedback wether you think which is good or bad on this page. Please use my guestbook for this feedback.

Carsten Fröhlich

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